This is the first year that I have written a gift guide for girls, but as I'm a Mother, and I know a lot of my readers are too, it seemed silly not to include a selection of ideas targeted at girls around Elodie's age too. Elodie likes to make things difficult and hasn't really asked for much this year, plus she's at that awkward age where she's too old for toys, but too young for other things, so it's fair to say this year has been a challenge for Santa (yes, she still believes!) 
If you know any girls aged between seven and thirteen, then I'm sure you've already heard of JoJo Siwa. Elodie already has plenty of the hair bows, the DVD, the posters and even the bed covers but something new I have found this year are the JoJo Hair Secretz hair brushes from B&M and Amazon. They're a perfect stocking filler for a young lady who wants more 'grown up' presents this year, all girls are bound to think they are really cool, and they're practical - winner!

Whilst on the topic of hair, I love the hair clips and bobbles from the brand Kitsch. Their range is huge, with something to suit everyone's tastes... Headbands, slides, clips, scrunchies, ties and ribbons, the list goes on, and they'd be a great stocking filler for any age really! Elodie wears some pearl bobbles for school and is always the envy of her friends when she does, so if you're little one thinks of herself a bit of a trend setter, she will love these.

This might be a little controversial because of a few of their song lyrics and meanings, but I always like to buy Elodie a CD of her own to have in the car. In past years she's had Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, but this year she has asked for Little Mix's new release LM5, which I know all of her friends have been asking for too. At the moment, while she's completely innocent and doesn't really get the risqué lyrics, I don't mind her enjoying their music, however I do think it's a shame they use explicit language in their songs when their fanbase is so young, but that's a whole other story!

If your child loves to read, there have been some great books released for the lead up to Christmas... We're big fans of Miranda Hart in our house, so her first children's book 'The Girl With The Lost Smile' is bound to be a popular choice for any preteen, there are also recent releases from David Walliams, Tom Fletcher and Dermot O'Leary that we as a family really recommend. Alongside reading, most girls love to read and write too, so stationary sets are a great idea for a present... Anything unicorn, llama or emoji themed would get the thumbs up in our house and there are loads of options online and on the high street right now, The Works is my favourite for gifts and sets like this, it's so affordable!

Elodie's bedroom is currently undergoing a makeover, even since she decided she was too grown up for her pink carpet and ceiling and made me swap my office room with her (yes I now have a flamingo wallpaper themed office!) She does however, still love unicorns, fairies and anything magical so we're going for a mystical theme, which is all based around this amazing Unicorn Head from the website ReRoom. The website is so inspiring and full of the most amazing ideas for children's room, accessorising and themes - I have a whole blog post planned about how we have transformed Elodie's when it's complete. The unicorn head is amazing quality, so soft and so pretty to look at, it's a great addition for a child who doesn't want toys anymore, but still wants that small element of fun and youth in their room.

For children who love to bake, I'm really impressed by the Bakedin gift subscription service. Think of it as baking made easy, the ingredients and recipes created and developed by Michel Roux delivered to your door, so you can enjoy baking without the hassle. To have a new kit delivered every month would mean the Christmas presents keep on coming, and baking as well as eating the delicious treats would make plenty of fun and entertainment for your child. With recipes including Double Choc Brownies, Sticky Toffee Cake, Rainbow Cake and Whoopie Pies plus mug cakes and cakes in a card, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to give these a try! If your child prefers eating cake to baking it, I'm sure she would love a personalised bakerdays cake, which comes straight through your letterbox in the post. Choose your cake flavour, size and design, with lots of ready made and customisable images available, or upload a photo of your own to be printed on the cake too! For a fun little extra that all of the family can enjoy, a great idea is to get a personalised jar of Nutella, which you can have made while you wait in selected Debenhams stores around the country. If you're in the North East like me, we've got Metro Centre, Newcastle and Sunderland to choose from, and the service is available until the end of trade on Christmas Eve.

Now Elodie is a bit older, she's always helping herself to my things, including my collection of lip balms, so getting her some of her own seemed like a really good idea, she's too young for makeup, but again this is the kind of present that can make a girl feel a bit more grown up. The Burts Bees gift sets are gorgeous this year, with some lovely flavours included - Any little girl couldn't help but think the little glass honey pot filled with balms  is cute! Girls these days collect so many fiddly little things, I'm sure they'd quickly find a use for the jar too. And finally, I don't think it would feel like Christmas in our house without some presents from the Lush Christmas range and following on from her birthday party there this year, Elodie, like all of her friends, is obsessed. There are so many products to choose from, but my top picks for girls this year are the classic Snow Fairy shower gel and the new Candy Cane bubble bar... There are so many more I could recommend that we have had before, but as this was a new one, I had to point it out as my current favourite!

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