I know I'm majorly early with this post, but before it gets too late to mention Christmas for the time being, I have been making plans for the lead up to the big day 2019 already. I wanted to share it now, partly as I hope that you'll share with me the things you plan on doing differently next Christmas while everything is still fresh in your minds and partly so I can look back on this next Winter and remember what I need to do!
Christmas 2018 was an amazing day for us as a family, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that the lead up was stressful, I wasn't at all organised and I really failed to make the most of the lead up to the big day, which is what I usually love the most about the season.

Inspired by the wonderful hamper I received from Jet2.com I really want to visit more Christmas markets in December. The hamper was a gift which I received a few weeks ago, filled with items from Christmas markets around Europe, including mince pies, hot chocolate powder, decorations, candles and so much more. I've got York on the list again, because that was amazing this year, but I also really want to visit Edinburgh, Winter Wonderland in London and if I can manage it, I'd love to go to Berlin or Amsterdam to see theirs - I think that would be magical, and so easy to plan with Jet2CityBreaks who sort flights and accommodation in one go for you.

I definitely need to get more organised when it comes to buying presents too, I'm usually a Christmas eve shopper, and although I do enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas shopping, I don't plan on leaving it quite as late next time. Instead I'm going to make sure I write lists of things to buy for my loved ones as soon and I think of them and I'll buy presents as I see them throughout the year too.

Tying in with the above, I'm also going to make lists of what I have bought and wrap as I buy. I've already managed to get some wrapping paper, ribbons and string in the sales, so I'm nicely prepared. I find that wrapping with plenty of time to spare means I can be more creative too, rather than rushing it all last minute! I'll be pinning plenty of ideas on my Pinterest so that I can find some inspiration as soon as I'm ready to wrap.

After attending two Christmas pantomimes this season just gone, I definitely want to make a tradition out of it - they were so much fun! They're the perfect way to get into the spirit of Christmas, before and after the big day and are a great way to bring all of the family together.

Lastly, and something which I only heard about for the first time this Christmas (so I'm praying it's happening again) is the Saltwell Park Enchanted Parks light show. The park was decorated with light installations from lots of specially commissioned artists, and the pictures I saw on Instagram looked so magical and beautiful - I'm already planning on layering up, taking a mug of tea and getting plenty of photos if it returns!

Are you looking ahead to next Christmas already?
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