I'm not sure if you have noticed, but throughout 2018 I didn't bother sharing any round up posts of favourite beauty products, and instead I just talked about items I was enjoying as and when I felt like it. I couldn't resist sharing a yearly favourites post though, it would feel too much like breaking a tradition!

Although this is slightly later than planned, I thought I'd choose my favourite 10 products of 2018 to talk about, so here we have it, an edit of ten beauty products that I have loved in the past year, some old, some new and in no particular order...

The Makeup...

My best buy of 2018 has to have been the Makeup Revolution Pro Foundation Drops, which at just £7 for a bottle have become my every day foundation choice, and not just due to their affordability. I talk about my love for high end foundations a lot, and I was really surprised to find that the formula isn't too dissimilar to Nars Sheer Glow or bareMinerals bareSkin foundation, making it lovely for those with dry skin. The shade range is huge, so there should be an option almost perfect for everyone (I have found a brilliant match) and it's so light on the skin, you can wear it all day without feeling weighed down with makeup at all. Coverage is amazing as the foundation is easily buildable on the skin, yet you still look completely natural. If you're after a 'no makeup' makeup base to wear everyday, then this is ideal.

It wouldn't be a true representation of my favourites if I didn't mention something from Charlotte Tilbury, would it?! And despite loving pretty much everything from the brand over the past 12 months, my first favourite product from the brand (keep reading for the second!) has to be the Magic Away Concealer which was released in Autumn. I have replaced all of my existing concealers with this ever since it arrived in my PO Box. This brightens my dark circles like no other, it hides blemishes and redness disappears without a trace. I also love the sponge applicator (it's very similar to the Maybelline under eye concealer, except tapered), which makes precision application around my brows really easy too. 

Something I have used all year and still love is the Urban Decay Setting Spray, which is the final step in my makeup routine that I just can't leave out. A quick spritz of this takes no time at all, yet my makeup is transformed on my skin... Makeup appears more airbrushed and any patchy areas magically become even, yes even on bad skin days! It also does the job it's made to do and makes my makeup last for so much longer throughout the day. Nothing smudges, fades or wears away when I'm wearing this and yet it's still simple to remove on an evening when I do my skincare routine. Remember the days (in the 90's)of spraying your face with hairspray before a night out? Well, this does that job, only better and isn't bad for your skin or lungs!

Pixi black lacquer lash primer was a completley new product in my makeup collection in 2018, and despite it not being something I bother with on a day to day basis, it has still become a favourite. I had never even thought of using a lash primer in the past, but after trying this, I can see why people do. I reach for this when I'm wanting a more dramatised, glamorous or full on look with my lashes, as not only does the simple step of applying this to my lashes before my mascara make my product last longer, but it makes my mascara appear darker. My lashes therefore appear thicker, fuller and longer and any mascaras that would usually flake or smudge a bit, don't seem to at all. Pixi have been one of my favourite brands as a whole for the past few years, I really rate all of their products but this has definitely been a stand out for me.
The Skincare...

Becoming a Dermalogica Skinfluencer in 2018 was amazing, not only because it was such an honour to be chosen, but also for my skin! I've been able to try some beautiful products and without doubt, my skin is in so much better condition than it was beforehand. The stand out product for me has to be the Skin Smoothing Cream with hydramesh technology. This works wonders for my dry skin, and leaves my skin feeling so, so comfortable throughout the day. 

Another moisturising product I feel like I couldn't live without is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, which I've been using since Summer. Yes, it's expensive, but hear me out, because it's really worth treating yourself to. Firstly, a tiny amount goes a really long way and makes such a difference. After just one use of this cream I was convinced I noticed a positive change in my skin, and after using every other day for a few months, my skin condition has improved dramatically. Not only are typically dry patches of my skin clearing up, but my skin appears brighter and feels so much softer and smoother. This is undoubtebly a luxurious product and you can feel the difference as you apply it to the skin, it's rich, it's creamy and it sinks into the skin beautifully without leaving any greasy residue behind - I 100% think this is worth the money, and I wouldn't say so unless I truly believed it... It really is magic!

You know those products that you just can't survive without? Those that you use every day without fail and practically run to the shop for when you run out? Well, my Burt's Bees Lip Balm is one of those products for me. I use mine every morning, evening night and sometimes in between, and let me tell you, the day that I thought I had lost mine wasn't a good day at all! It might seem like a bit of a cop out to include a lip balm in a beauty favourites post, as it's more of an essential than a beauty product, but I love it too much not to give it a mention. No other lip balms compare.
The Rest...

If you looked at my nail polish collection a few years ago, it was very excessive, with all shades of every colour imaginable. I've consciously downsized and now my whole stash consists of nudes, blacks and a few glitters - They're pretty much all I wear. I was sent a few bottles of the Leighton Denny Modern Bohemia polishes and they fast became my favourites in my collection. Worn together or seperately, these polishes are beautiful, eye catching and most importantly, long lasting on the nails. I am definitely planning on trying more Leighton Denny products this year.

In the Spring of 2018, I was introduced to the Mugler Les Exceptions perfume range and I instantly fell in love with 'Over The Musk', a powdery, light yet musky scent that is unlike anything else I have ever smelled. This is delicate enough for Spring/Summer wear but also sexy and musky enough to wear for evening or throughout the Winter - a real universal product which I have been wearing constantly (I will be so upset when I come to the end of the bottle!). If you find yourself in Fenwick or Harrods, please go and have a smell of this, it's so unique, in fact, the whole Les Exceptions range is impressive.

Last but not least, I have tried a lot of products on my hair this year, and my favourite has to be the Percy & Reed Wonder Treatment Oil. This is an oil which I apply to my scalp and then through the lengths of my hair before washing twice weekly, it's such an easy step to include on hair wash days. This does the usual things you'd expect from a hair oil - It leaves hair feeling sleeker and silkier and my hair also appears glossier after each use. The reason I love this so much though, is because it's transformed my scalp since using it over the past few months. I have mentioned before on here, how my scalp is very sensitive, it can be dry, flaky and sore, which isn't nice at all. I have tried a lot of different lotions and potions to help with this, and until now, nothing has really done the trick. This oil almost magically soothes my scalp, it moisturises without making my hair feel or look greasy afterwards and the roots of my hair end up feeling cleaner, lighter and therefore more voluminous - I just wish I had discovered it sooner!

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Did you love any of these products in 2018?
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