Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be really difficult, especially when they’re changing so quickly each season. As a blogger, I do feel a bit of pressure to stay on trend somewhat, but over the years I have learned to relax a little and incorporate trends into my personal style, rather than feeling like I have to wear what brands and other influencers say I should. 
The fashions that are coming out for spring and summer 2019 run the gamut from eighties cyberpunk to beige femininity. Some trends continue on from the fashions of the previous year, while others are entirely new. There’s something for everyone. Here are four of what I consider to be the best fashion choices for the coming season.

Neon colours are coming back in as part of the continuing eighties theme throughout fashion. In contrast to the pastels which were in last year, neon stands out in a crowd. It’s up to you how much you want to stand out or embrace the eighties trend – you’ll be able to buy different pieces of clothing or nod to the trend with a few key accessories. I love to add a neon bag or even just nail varnish to an all black look for a real statement.

Leopard print

Leopard print is back in fashion in multiple ways, from coats to dresses, which I am really happy about as it is always one of my favourite trends. Last seen in the nineties, leopard print now stands alone as a trend all by itself, separate from the other animal prints it was once grouped with.

While it might seem hard to properly incorporate animal print into your wardrobe, there is one cardinal rule: treat it like black. Don't go overboard but do treat it as a focal point for your outfit. This can be accomplished through wearing one statement piece of clothing, or through carefully chosen accessories, such as Stella McCartney shoes, of which many pairs have leopard print accents this season.

Shades of the Sun
This summer will see a resurgence in what are being called sunshine shades, i.e. colours the sun might appear as – yellow, deep orange, terracotta, and more. These shades will be everywhere in both accessories and clothing, bringing brightness to your wardrobe after a dark winter.

The seventies haven't quite given up their hold on our fashion yet! Crochet wear is still going strong as a trend, with cardigans and dresses among the most popular clothing items for the next year. These crochet creations are not as colourful as the ones that have appeared in the past, but they are still very noticeable and on-trend. A crochet cardigan is a great choice that can be used as a cover-up if the spring weather gets a little chilly.

Which trends are you liking so far this year?
Will you be adding any pieces from these categories to your wardrobe?

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