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A Brief Guide to Rank And Rent SEO

Rank and Rent SEO basically means ranking a website for services like roofing and remodeling, and then renting it to local businesses who want the leads on your ranked website.

If done right, Rank and Rent SEO can benefit you a lot. Therefore, we’ll take you through some of the beginner steps to rank and rent SEO which you can follow to replicate the results of other SEOs doing the same thing.

A Great Opportunity

If you are just starting your SEO career, you might find it hard to secure clients early on. So, the free time you have can be used to make a local rank and rent website. This you can use as a proof of your SEO skills.

You can even start earning passive income by renting your website to local businesses if you successfully rank it in the long run.

A Reason to Trust You

Another reason why rank and rent websites work great for SEO professionals is because they create a reason for local businesses to trust you. That is because many so-called SEO do not have any experience, and they bring horrible results for local businesses. But when you have a rank and rent website already up for local businesses, they will have a great reason to trust you and your skills.

A Long Term Investment

Creating a rank and rent website is also a long-term investment for you. That is because local businesses can stop using your services, your rank and rent website belongs to you, and you can rent it to as many businesses as you want in the long run. This not only helps you arm constant passive income from the website, but you can also send it whenever you need more money.