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Antique Signs: Gone But Not Forgotten

Antique signs were once a huge part of our history, especially in the world of advertisement. Earlier on, paper flyers, banners, and billboards were not the norm in the world of advertising. So, advertisers wanted to make something that would advertise their products, could be read by many onlookers, and also lasted longer. These antique signs that were usually made of metal and either had the letters stamped on them or had enamel lettering were displayed on roads and popular traffic areas to attract people’s attention, especially people driving by. These signs were then taken off many decades ago and replaced by cheaper means of advertisement. However, they are still not forgotten. These signs have become valuable collectible items amongst many enthusiasts coming from all walks of life. If you are interested in browsing through different antique signs that are available for sale, you can start with vintage John Deere signs.

There are different types and categories and antique signs and we will go over a few common ones.

  • You will find antique signs of companies that are still present today. So, you can find antique signs of company logos that are very famous and might even be considered multinational or oligarchs in the game. These are popular and can sell for a lot of money.
  • There are signs of obscure, old, or generally, now-defunct companies and these are also popular but more so for aesthetic purposes.
  • You will find antique signs that belonged to different breweries and these are also a popular variety.
  • You can find signs that are pointing to gas stations or diners. These were commonly used on highways to let drivers know where they should go. These are also a popular variety of vintage signs amongst collectors.