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Do You Need to Rinse After Carpet Cleaning?

The majority of people out there don’t happen to own a carpet, but suffice it to say that many if not most of them would be interested in looking into it at some point or another over the course of the journey that they are spending on the third planet from the sun. At the end of the day, a carpet is a luxury that is not overly expensive but is still magnificent in that it can make an otherwise bare room come to life, but your lack of experience with carpet care might lead you to misunderstand what is required of you from a cleaning and maintenance perspective.

We’ve find a lot of customers trying to rinse their carpets and rugs after carpet cleaning because of the fact that they are slick or not fully dry enough to be comfortable. The thing is, if you hire the best carpet cleaning company, you would never have to do anything of the sort. Carpet rinsing is only ever going to end up being necessary in situations where you used carpet shampoo, and since most high quality cleaning service providers don’t use a drop of shampoo you would obviously not have to rinse your rug once they are done with their assigned task.

Any carpet cleaner that actually knows what they are doing would understand that steam is all you need while cleaning a carpet deeply every so often. If your carpet is washed with steam, it’s already been rinsed quite thoroughly which means that rinsing it again wouldn’t make sense. You’d need to leave it to dry for sure, but little else would end up being required of you.