Home Sweet Home…Manchester

A few weeks ago, we went to Manchester for the day and from the moment we had decided to go I was straight on Instagram looking for places to visit for food… Tell me I’m not the only one who does this! Instagram is such a good tool for this kind of thing though an it didn’t take long before I discovered Home Sweet Home. I was instantly drawn in by their burgers, shakes and cakes, I showed the pictures to Robbie & Elodie and it soon became a bit of a no brainer that this would be where we’d be eating.

They have one HSH in the Northern Quarter, which is the one we went to, and another in the Great Northern Warehouse. We visited on a busy Saturday afternoon, on probably the hottest day of the year, greeted at the door by a really friendly waitress and were asked if we wanted to sit inside or out… Obviously I was hoping for lots of interior shots for this post, so we opted for inside.

The main, front area to the restaurant which houses the bar is vibrant, has an instantly electric vibe about it and is really welcoming, there are also a few smaller rooms behind, which is where we were taken as the main room was pretty full. Unfortunately, the most photogenic part of Home Sweet Home is the cool, bright and quirky front area, so sadly I missed out on snapping that for you, but I did take a couple of shots of the area we were in, a small room with no natural lighting (great for photos!) and a till point where staff seemed to enjoy congregating.
As the name of the place suggests, it does have a homely feel to it, it’s quite industrial and miss matched, with different styles of seating, a mixture of tables, brightly coloured wall art and retro lighting, I really liked the overall feel to the place, it feels trendy yet welcoming and family friendly, which is always a bonus in a big city.

We were given our menus, and had our drinks orders taken while we browsed what to have to eat. I was a little annoyed that we were given an adults menu for Elodie… I didn’t even realise there was a separate child’s menu, until a table was seated next to us and I noticed them reading out different options to their children. By this time we had already placed our food order, so it was a bit of a pain.

It took me quite a while to decide what to order from the Lunch menu… There were a lot of options which I loved the sound of, some from the ‘Brunchy’ section of the menu and some from the main. In the end, I was a little greedy, and due fancying something savoury, but really wanting to try the Oreo pancakes, I ended up ordering two courses!

I had been on a bit of a healthy eating kick before coming to HSH so I tried to be careful not to order too much. I chose to go with the Piggy Piggy Fries as a main (not healthy what so ever, but they sounded too delicious to leave!), and then I just had to try the the Oreo Pancakes for after. Robbie put me to shame by ordering the avocado on toast and Elodie just wanted some chips.

The food didn’t take long to arrive at all, and actually came before the drinks, which we had to wait a little longer for. Everything looked really great, and I loved how it was presented. My fries came in a basket, Elodie’s chips were in a cup and Robbie’s avocado was served on a retro style diner plate.

The Piggy Piggy Fries were really tasty, curly fries with wonderdust, bacon, bacon mayo and bacon rain – A strange yet intriguing description if ever I read one! Broken down, they were topped with a slightly spicy mayo and crunchy bacon bits, and despite them being incredibly naughty, I really enjoyed them.

On the menu the avo on toast was described as ripe avocados tumbled with house dressing, leaves, soft poached egg and smoked chilli on sourdough toast. Unfortunately Robbie really didn’t enjoy this, the avocado was very chunky and hard, the poached egg wasn’t runny and he said it was just very underwhelming and didn’t compare to the version we make at home, despite it looking really great on the plate.

When it came to the main event (obviously my pancake), it didn’t look how I expected. I had pictured a stack of pancakes, and it definitely looked more like a pizza! It was huge, but I wasn’t complaining, although I knew there was no chance I would be able to eat it all. It suddenly made sense why it was called the Oreo-M-F-G Pancake! I’m not going to lie, this tasted good, but it somehow managed to disappoint me. It wasn’t overly chocolatey as it was a plain pancake with Oreos crumbled into it, and even then, there didn’t seem to be many Oreos in it. The dreamcheese frosting on top was really tasty, but seemed like the only bit adding much sweetness to it and for £9.50 I was definitely expecting something more.

Elodie loved the little chocolate milkshake that she ordered, which came looking super cute with whipped cream and a cherry on top. I can’t remember exactly what I ordered to drink, it was something cherry from the soft drink menu… It looked equally as good as Elodie’s, but tasted very sickly sweet, it reminded me of the cherry Haribo sweets, so I left most of it.

All in all, we weren’t very impressed with Home Sweet Home. It was very overpriced, service wasn’t good and the food was a bag of mixed reviews that got more of an overall thumbs down then anything else.

Have you been before? I’d love to know your thoughts… And please let me know where we should go for food next time we’re in Manchester!