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How Long Does Waxing Last?

The moment you exit a salon after having just had your body waxed is likely going to be one that would leave you feeling a pretty massive amount of glee if you think about it. The biggest reason for this is that you would know that your body is now more or less completely hairless, and you would therefore probably want to enjoy it while it lasts. One thought that might be in the back of your mind potentially preventing you from fully enjoying your newly hairless appearance would be that you’re not fully aware of how long this hairless appearance would end up lasting, and that is something that we can answer for you shortly.

Generally speaking, you can expect to enjoy a completely hairless body for about a week or so after you have gotten waxed. After this you can see more here to figure out the rate at which your hair might grow. Suffice it to say that after a three to four weeks have passed you would need to go get yourself waxed again, but that’s not because your body hair would now look entirely the same as what it looked like before.

Rather, it would be so that you can maintain the hairlessness of your look. Hence, if you were to get your waxing done regularly enough, there is a relatively high level of certainty that you wouldn’t really need to worry about looking hairy at all. That’s something that will give you no small amount of joy because you would know that smooth and supple skin is finally within your reach and you can start to enjoy it in no time when you find someone.