The Perks of Having a Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are arguably one of the biggest technological advancements of the modern times. They have change the ways people entertain themselves, communicate with each other, and organize.

Almost every person has a mobile phone these days, and in fact, these devices have become a vital part of our daily lives.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of owning a mobile phone. Sites like agr tech explain this topic well.

They Make Communication Better

Mobile phones provide you with the luxury of communicating with lots of people in your social circle and business field smoothly. In fact, it allows you to communicate with people around the globe without much hassle.

The best thing about mobile phones is that they are compact enough to fit in our pocket, and they can help you keep connected to the world around you.

So, if you want to keep connected to the people around you, you should definitely own a smartphone, and keep it on you all the time.

Easy to Use

One of the best things about mobile phones is that they are really small and compact. In fact, they are small enough to fit inside your pocket. If you do not have lots of money to buy a flagship model, you can also buy really cheap smartphones from the market.

Moreover, you can easily charge your mobile phone in any electrical outlet given that you have the charger with you. On average, charging your mobile phone for once can last you for a whole day.

They Have Lots of Other Features

In addition to providing you with seamless communication, mobile phones are packed with lots of other features as well. For example, they have cameras, entertainment means, and other features which you can enjoy in your free time.

Choosing Your Chiropractor

Chiropractors can be a great option for people that are looking for pain relief for their skeletal, muscular, or joint pain.  A good chiropractor can help people that suffer from chronic pain and give them more energy to do things without having to resort to medical treatment. If you are looking to start chiropractic treatments, you first want to make sure that you choose the right chiropractor for yourself and your situation. If you looking to find the best Fort Collins chiropractor for yourself, then you should keep on reading the rest of this article.

  • The first thing you always want to look into when trying to find a chiropractor is a list of referrals. Ask your friends, colleagues, family, and your doctor to give you referrals. This way you will have a potential list of options you can go over.
  • Always be sure to verify a chiropractor’s credentials by making sure they are licensed. You can take this a step further by doing a background check to make sure that they have no history of malpractice and have no history of being legally pursued by their clients either.
  • When you meet the chiropractor for the first time, you want to find out if they have experience dealing with a skeletal/muscular/joint-related issue that is similar to yours. You ideally want to opt for a chiropractor that has prior experience in handling a certain type of issue or complaint.
  • You want to see if you feel comfortable communicating with the chiropractor and whether or not they are receptive to your complaints and issues. If you are not satisfied with how they communicate or you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with them, then you know that they are not the right option for you. You want to feel comfortable enough to talk to your chiropractor and feel that they are interested in what you have to say.

Why Skincare is So Important

You can retain a proper skin care routine only if you use proper products. Every good skin care product you use on a regular basis can provide your skin with lots of different benefits. On the other hand, poor quality products can deal harm to your skin as well. That is why the quality of the skin care product you choose is very important.

In this article, we will help you understand why proper skin care is so important for you.

Your Skin Stays Strong

Since you skin is going through lots of changes and suffering from different conditions throughout the day, it is vital that you keep your skin properly maintained by using good products. The Ordinary looking Skincare Routine Can Help You keep various skin related problems away. This way, you can keep your skin looking younger and tighter in the long run.

Easy Way to Look Younger

Instead of using certain expensive serums to look younger, you can simply maintain a daily skin care routine in order to look younger than you actually are. You can choose a good skin care product for your skin as you continue aging to look younger.

Good products can help accelerate the dead skin cell removal process, and can help your skin replace the old cells with new ones to make your skin glow.

Helps Prevent Lots of Problems

Keeping your skin healthy is one of the best ways to prevent skin related diseases in the long run. By preventing them, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on collecting those diseases.

Moreover, dull skin can affect your confidence as well. So, by getting a glowing skin, you will see a significant improvement in your confidence over time.

These were some of the reasons why a proper skincare routine is so important.

What to Know When Getting Personalized Car Plates

I believe getting personalized car plates is an easy thing to do. We have been helping our consumers for some time and the best part is that once you do get a hold of it, you will realise that these car plates are not hard to source, at all. With that said, if you are interested in getting them too, you can get in touch with us and we can help you out.

You can also start looking at and that is a great way of getting started but in this article, we want to talk about a few things to know about getting personalized car plates. So, let’s not waste time and have a look.

They Can Be Expensive

One of the things that you should know is that these car plates can be expensive for a lot of reasons. Now, one of the main reasons is the uniqueness and the fact that in many cases, you have to get the approval for these plates too. These end up driving the costs up and you might end up paying more and that is what most people are afraid of, as well. The best part is that there is a different prestige on these, so you can always get around paying more but the benefits are there.

Not as Easy to Get

Now, this is more or less subjective because when you are going for personalized car plates, you have to think of a lot of other factors that come into play as well. These factors combined can drive up the prices for a lot of people, and it might cause some troubles coming in the way, too. The best thing is that you can look at all the good options that are available and choose the one that is easily available.

Tips on Choosing The Right Birth Center

Choosing the right birth center for birthing is important because at the end, you want to be sure that the entirety of the experience is good as it gets. Of course, you are spending a good amount of money, so it is only fair that you are relying on services that are good because otherwise, you could run into issues that you don’t want to deal with and we are all aware of that.

Now, if you are thinking about going to birth center, you can start choosing something like new birth Miami and you will be given a great overall experience btu again, there are some tips that you should always look into before you ultimately decide because without that, you should not be going further.

Look For All The Amenities

Honestly, the first thing that we would want you to start focusing at are going to be all the amenities that they will provide to you. You cannot just decide based on the things that you have heard. Instead, you should know about these beforehand, and then see if you are going for it or not. It might not be for everyone but at least it will help you have the right understanding.

Get Consultations

Another tip that we are going to impart your way is that when you are at it, start with a few consultations at least. That way, you can see if there are suitable options for you or not. Again, this is not something that everyone can get access to with ease, therefore, the wiser decision is to always look at the consulting aspect of it and then see what is there that is good for you and what is not. That way, the decision making process becomes a lot easier.

An Additional Benefit of Roll Dispensers

Most people know that if you want your house to look like it has been optimized then you are definitely going to need a roll dispenser. The general assumption here is that roll dispensers are a cosmetic addition, but in spite of the fact that this is the case they have a lot of benefits that can help make the lives of people that are less fortunate than you a lot easier as well. It is important to note that people that suffer from various kinds of physical disabilities can often find it really difficult to reach across and pick up a roll of toilet paper.

Instead of forcing them to do something so inconvenient which might just prevent them from having a comfortable experience in the bathroom, you should just put up a roll dispenser after buying one from Mustang Supplies. This would create a situation wherein the person that has a disability of some sort would have easier access to the toilet paper at the end of the day. Instead of having to get up and go to where the toilet paper is, something that can often be impossible for them if they use wheelchairs and the like, they can just use the toilet paper that is hanging right next to them.

Since the toilet paper is hanging from the roll, they can just tear off however much they need instead of having to unspool the toilet paper while holding it in one hand. A lot of people don’t realize just how necessary toilet roll dispensers are for disabled individuals, and we really need to start spreading more awareness about this sort of thing before it’s too late and nothing else can be done.

How a Small Business Can Benefit From Good Opportunities

There are a lot of stats that talk about the failures of a small business, and there is nothing wrong with it. Being the owner of such a business is good but that is not how things end. You have to be responsible, as well. Because otherwise, you are just putting yourself at the risk of not getting a good experience overall, and you must avoid that altogether.

Thankfully, for small businesses, there are always be opportunities that they can use, and the best part is that you don’t really have to stress over a lot of things, either. You can easily find the ones that are good for you and ignore the ones that you think are not good enough because that is how we see things.

They Can Work Towards Expansion

The thing here is that when you are looking at a small business and how it can benefit from the present opportunities. The business can actually work towards expansion, as well. Which is ultimately going to be of great help to them, and you should never worry about taking such an opportunity even if it’s a leap of faith, and you are being careful about it.

Improvements to The Infrastructure

You will also need to understand that when you are actually going for such an opportunity, it can even help you with the infrastructure, which is ultimately the goal for a lot of people and how things should be handled, as well. As long as you are being careful about this whole situation, you will do just fine.

After all, being smart about these decisions is also a very important task because we don’t want to make mistakes in the process.

Fenwick Beauty Week

On Tuesday night myself and a handful of North East bloggers were invited to Fenwick in Newcastle for a preview of #FenwickBeautyWeek which is running from 7th May until next Sunday 15th May.
I’ll share more about the launch night in Tuesday’s blog post, but for now, here is how you can take advantage of what’s happening in store, trust me, you won’t want to miss out!

The beauty hall in Fenwick Newcastle has recently been refurbished and has gained a huge Charlotte Tilbury counter… it is easily my favourite place to shop in Newcastle. I especially love the bareMinerals, YSL and Bobbi Brown counters but there is literally everything you could want and more!

If you fancy popping along to any of the beauty masterclasses or live stage demonstrations in the Newcastle store, here is what’s on offer:

Sunday 8th May: Clarins Summer Skin Masterclass
An interactive group masterclass in skin nutrition where skin specialists will demonstrate how to achieve optimum skin health.
Tickets: £10

Monday 9th May: Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes Ultimate Makeup Lesson
An on-stage group makeup lesson featuring the new Beach Nudes collection.
Tickets: £10

Tuesday 10th May: Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Summer Makeup Demonstration
A full makeup demonstration to learn how to achieve the perfect Summer look using the Tom Ford Soleil collection and the luxurious new addition to Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection; Soleil Blanc.
Tickets: £10

Wednesday 11th May: Laura Mercier Flawless Face Makeup Tutorial
A group makeup tutorial on how to achieve the iconic Flawless Face using Laura Mercier’s famous products.
Tickets: £10

Thursday 12th May: Lancome Masterclass with Elite MUA Marc Sinclair
A group makeup beauty school with Lancome’s Elite Make Up Artist Marc Sinclair where you will learn how to energise your skin, revive your makeup and improve your application techniques.
Tickets: £20

Friday 13th May: Charlotte Tilbury How To Achieve The Golden Goddess
A step by step guide on how to achieve The Golden Goddess look with Charlotte Tilbury’s Global MUA and National Trainer.
Tickets £10

Saturday 14th May: Laura Mercier Flawless Face Makeup Tutorial
A repeat of Wednesdays tutorial… There’s no excuse to miss out!
Tickets: £10

All ticket prices are redeemable against products on the day of the event.
For more info on tickets and times you can call or email the Beauty Hall Manager: 0191 232 5100 or
I’m really looking forward to the Charlotte Tilbury masterclass on Friday, maybe I’ll see some of you there?!

On Tuesday 10th May there is 15% off beauty at the Fenwick Summer Shopping Evening 6-10pm (the perfect excuse for an after work spending sesh!) Get your invite here.

Also throughout the entire beauty week, if you spend £75 or more (easy done!) at any of the beauty counters, you will receive a free beauty bag packed with over £100 worth of products including my favourite bare Minerals mascara, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, Nails Inc base coat and so much more…

Why I changed my lifestyle this year

Although I try to be into fitness and go through phases of enjoying exercise, as a lifestyle choice, it’s really never worked for me. I struggle to fit in the time to go to the gym and can never commit to fitness classes or anything where I need to be there on a certain day at a certain time. This year however, rather than beating myself up about not going to the gym, I have decided to focus on being healthy, living a better lifestyle and eating better foods. And so far, I am feeling amazing!

I have been consciously making changes to my every day lifestyle for around eight weeks now, and not only have I lost some weight, but I now feel healthier and happier in myself. I have a lot more energy, I’m sleeping better at night, yet finding it easier to wake up each morning, my skin has improved and I feel a lot more motivated and productive during the day. An added bonus has been how easy I have found it to make the changes, within just a few days I found myself motivated to keep at it and I haven’t even been feeling particularly hungry or had any naughty cravings.

I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and for as long as I can remember I have eaten chocolate on a daily basis. I honestly didn’t think that I’d be able to cut it out of my diet, but I have somehow managed, and in the last six weeks I think I’ve only had chocolate about four times! Even then, it hasn’t been a big indulgent slice of cake, but a cereal bar or protein bar version instead… Some of which taste really good too and are a great breakfast alternative, which is a meal I would usually skip when I’m up and out early.

As a family, we have been replacing some of our most eaten foods with healthier options; Our weekly Sunday roast has even changed! Instead of roast potatoes we’ve bee eating boiled potatoes, pork has been replaced with chicken, our beloved fish and chip shop tea is now an oven baked cod loin, instead of eating a chocolate bar or biscuits, I’m snacking on cereal with no fat milk and the only fizzy drink in our fridge these days is Coke Zero. My hobby of baking on a Saturday morning has taken a bit of a back seat too, mainly because I know I wouldn’t be able to resist eating the brownies or cakes I had made, we now have avocado on toast for Saturday breakfast and I’m spending my time making healthier snacks to nibble on.

The best thing that has come out of me trying to be healthier is that we are now cooking from scratch almost every night. Not only does it make me feel better for eating healthier, but I actually enjoy cooking, which I never knew before! I love searching for recipes online (Pinterest is my new best friend!) and reading through cookery books, I love spending time with Robbie in the kitchen and I love the satisfaction of enjoying a meal that we have prepared ourselves, I always feel a little bit of pride as I’m eating!

My exercise at the moment is walking to and from the school with Elodie, which is 0.6 miles each way. Not the longest walk in the world, but I make sure to power walk the part when I don’t have Elodie with me, and a lot of it is up hill, so it does feel like a decent work out each day. I know I’m getting fitter too, as the last up hill push gets easier every time. I honestly feel like this amount of exercise (be it small), plus the changes I have made to my diet will have a positive effect on my body and overall fitness… It has to be a good starting point. I do plan on starting walking in the evenings and weekends too, even just for a couple of miles each night, now that I’ve got myself the leggings and work out top from Up Clothing, I feel like I should put them to good use – Plus they’re so comfy!

When eating out (which is now a lot less than we used to), we’ve started to make a more conscious decision to go somewhere that offers healthier options, which is slightly harder than I first anticipated! We’ve made a bit of a habit of eating at Nandos, as there are plenty of options, although I have had to change my usual order slightly. I’m all about the butterfly chicken with corn on the cob and sweet potato mash these days and have said goodbye to the chips. To be fair though, the healthier option is probably more delicious than the other!

10 Things I’m looking forward this

The fact that I’m a Winter person through and through has never been a secret. The thought of spending two weeks on a beach somewhere hot doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest, the sun gives me a headache and the warm weather stresses me out more than is normal. However, I like to be a positive person, and there are some things I am looking forward to this Summer, so I thought I’d share them with you.

They have already started, but I have to give a shout out to the light nights that we are currently blessed with… I just know all you other bloggers out there are nodding in agreement. For product photography, I have a light box so I don’t need to worry about that kind of photography anymore, but the fact that it’s now light enough and bright enough to shoot outfit photos up until around 8pm is just a god send!

I think I speak for most people when I say that I am massively looking forward to the return of Love Island tomorrow night! I really wanted to put this as number 1 on my list, but I didn’t want to come across as too eager or pathetic, but hell, I AM EXCITED! I know it’s trash, reality tv, but I just can’t help getting hooked on it! The best bit for me is the group chats I have going on with my girls when it’s on, we always have plenty to say and I also love reading along with Twitter every night while it’s on, it’s so funny.

One of my favourite things to do each Summer is go to some outdoor concerts. As much as I love an indoor gig, there’s something a little more special about the atmosphere when watching live music outside, I love that you can take in the sun, have a drink and sing along with the crowd.
Some of the best concerts I’ve ever been to have been outside; Olly Murs last year was brilliant, and Boyzone were great a few years back too, despite the rain! Although I don’t have any booked for this year yet, I’m hoping to see Boyzone again in York and Ronan when he plays in Sunderland.

Last year we went to quite a few food festivals, which were all brilliant, so I’m really hoping to discover some new ones this Summer. Of course we’ll be heading back to the Quayside because that’s our favourite, but spending a day somewhere new, trying new foods really excites me. If you have any recommendations for places we should try, please let me know in the comments!

Every year I think I get more excited about Elodie’s Summer holidays than she does, as I love having her at home with me. She loves school, and although she always enjoys her holidays, she equally looks forward to going back and seeing her friends (which I am so thankful for, I’d hate to have a child who didn’t want to go to school, it must be so upsetting!) Although we don’t have any plans set in stone for the holidays yet, we will be enjoying plenty of days out as a family, hopefully with a trip or two to Scarborough.

Without doubt, every Summer I end up obsessed with slush drinks. To be honest, I think it’s because I don’t cope well in the heat, but for me, there really is nothing better than cooling down with a slush after being in the sun. I’ve already had a couple this year and I’m not ready to stop yet… I just know I’ll be drinking them right through until September now!

It may sound silly, but one of the best things about Summer for me, is that I can wear sunglasses in my hair all the time. I find it so great to be able to keep my hair down, yet completely tidy and out of the way with the addition of a pair of sunglasses! Take note of my Instagram photos, sunglasses in my hair will be a regular feature! I’m sure any men reading this will think I’ve gone crazy, but I hope all the girls understand!

Something that really takes me back to my childhood is going to Summer car boot sales, even if I’m not looking to buy anything, I can’t help but enjoy wandering around with the crowds, looking at the junk that people are selling, it’s so fun! Elodie loves it, and it’s a great and usually really affordable way to treat her to something and I often come away with a new book or two to read. I might even do a car boot sale myself at some point over the Summer, it’s about time I got rid of some of my junk too.

Hopefully we will have our garden sorted this Summer so that we can enjoy a few BBQs, either that or I hope we get invited to some! Our garden is huge, and it takes a lot of work to look after… I have a vision of it all smart with some nice outdoor seating – Maybe we’ll achieve it one day! I love the warm evenings in the Summer months, relaxing in the garden, with a drink or two and some delicious barbequed food. I can’t get enough of the chargrilled chicken, prawns and overcooked sausages – You can’t beat it!

Last but not least, I can’t help it, I can’t wait for a new series of Big Brother. I’ve heard rumours that it’s not coming back, but I know they were auditioning for housemates, so I’m praying it’s still going ahead. I do hope they take it a bit more back to basics though, I hope the housemates are all regular people rather than Z listers that they have sourced through management companies, I always think that spoils it a bit. Even when I hate them all, I still end up glued to my tv screen every night though, so I know I’ll love it no matter what… Will you be watching?

Seventeen makeup products you need

Have you heard the sad news?

I hate to have to be the one to break it to you but, Seventeen cosmetics, the makeup brand sold in Boots is being discontinued to be replaced by new cosmetics brand CYO (which admittedly does look pretty good… every cloud has a silver lining!)

However, I am genuinely devastated about this… I have talked a lot on here about how much I love their products here and here and felt like I had to write this what will sadly be, final post about just how great and affordable their products are.

To put a positive spin on this, all of their products are now reduced on the Boots website and in stores, so I thought I’d tell you about my favourite products from the brand, that I have tried, tested, used and loved, those that I really think you should stock up on before it’s too late. I know I will be!

Starting with my favourite Seventeen product, I encourage you all to try the Skin Wow 3 Way Highlighter/Glow/Primer. I have been buying these for years now, and always reach for this over similar high end products in my collection. As the name suggests, it’s a bit of a multi use product, which I use mainly as a highlight. I also really rate it as a glowy primer for underneath or mixing in with foundation. If you’re looking for something with a really impressive, almost holographic glow, then this is all you need. You can pat it on top of your foundation, along your cheekbones and brow bone for a really Instagram worthy pop of highlight. If you prefer something more subtle, wear it under your foundation for it to naturally shine through. I especially love this during the colder months when my skin can look particularly dull, it provides instant brightness.

The Seventeen product I have been using for the longest is their Instant Glow Cream Bronzer, which is in fact the only cream bronzer I own, and the only one I need. It’s really blendable, and easy to apply, and it gives the most beautiful glow of colour to the skin. I always feel like I look much fresher faced when I wear this and that’s the main reason it’s been my go-to for the past few Summers. It’s quite orange toned, so can look very fake, but when applied lightly, buffed out and applied to the areas of the face where you would naturally catch the sun, it can look really beautiful.
I much prefer using this to any powder bronzers, as there’s no shimmer, just a radiant finish to the cream formula, which sits beautifully on my skin even when I’m suffering from that dreaded dryness.

A product I use daily, and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to manage without, is the Define & Conquer Contour Kit. This comes in two shades, and for me, the light is just perfect for a natural, every day contour. Admittedly, I mainly use this for the bronzer, which is a beautiful matte shade that gives a natural, yet sculpted shadow to my face, which is just enough for daytime wear. The lighter shade is something I like to reach for to set my concealer rather than for a highlight, as it’s a really fine and lightweight powder that applies almost seamlessly onto the skin and will hold my makeup in place for hours.

If you’re in the market for an amazing dupe of the YSL Touche Eclat, then look no further than the Skin Wow Concealer. Not only does it look almost identical to the much pricier YSL option, but the product performs really well too… I wouldn’t say it’s 100% as good as YSL, but I’d say it’s around 90% there, and for the huge difference in price, I’d much rather use this. It provides instant brightness for the under eye area, it lifts the complexion and can be used to brighten and lightly conceal any dull, red or blemished areas around the face. Personally, I don’t reach for this to do the job of a concealer, but as a brightening or correcting tool, it’s just brilliant.

Finally, I’m kind of cheating with the fifth product, but I can’t pick just one… It’s the Mega Matte Lipsticks, yes the whole range! There are some beautiful shades in this collection, all of which have long lasting, highly pigmented colour pay off, are moisturising on the lips despite having a matte finish and once again, are a total steal! My personal favourites from the range are ‘Looking Buff’ (which is always in my handbag) and ‘Rioja Your World’ which are a lovely brown/nude shade and a bright red. Seriously, if you want to bulk out your matte lip collection, grab yourself the whole collection while they’re still available, and are so cheap – I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do!

Is fashion blogging era over?

There’s been a rumour spreading around the blogging world recently, I’ve seen it mentioned in blog posts that I’ve read, I’ve seen it being discussed on all forms of social media and I’ve heard it in person, bluntly from someone’s mouth. If you look up the definition of rumour, I’m sure you are all aware, it’s something often related to a lie or a report of uncertain or doubtful truth. However, there’s something about this certain rumour that has made me experience a vast amount of emotion. Part of me feels sadness, I’ve experienced a little anger, some worry and even a little regret. Mostly though, I feel relief, relief that this is only a rumour, something that isn’t true and definitely something that we as bloggers, and readers of blogs, should all be ignoring.

This rumour I am talking about, maybe you know, maybe you’ve worked it out, but to clarify, I’ve heard a rumour that blogging is dying, that people don’t read blogs anymore, that Instagram is taking over and that soon blogs won’t exist.

I’d love to know your views on this and to have a discussion in the comments on this post, because I feel as though I have a lot to say on the matter, a lot more that I’ll be able to say in this post, so please feel free to share your views below. For now though, let me tell you what I think…

I don’t think blogs are dying. There, I said it. I don’t see how they can. I for one, love to read blogs, I also love to write my blog and I know I’m not alone in saying that. There are probably a million others who feel the same, so why would blogs be dying? Is it because of Instagram and the growth of the Insta-Influencers? Because, I too love Instagram, its fast, it’s instant, but it doesn’t mean that blogs have to disappear as Instagram grows, because really, they’re two completely different platforms. Who’s to say another platform won’t appear in the next six months, that we all sign up to and put effort into creating content for and building a following on, that doesn’t mean Instagram will die too!

In some ways I feel as though this rumour has spread by a way of scare tactics, because everyone knows that blogging is more common now than ever before. When I started I was a fish in a small pond of others, and now we’re all drowning in this overcrowded ocean of bloggers, all fighting to be noticed, all fighting to survive. Years ago bloggers helped each other, but I notice more and more how the community is predominantly a battle to become the most successful. Simply because people start blogging for completely different reasons to why we chose to start blogging a decade ago. It was so innocent back then, we did it for fun, as a pass time and I’d go as far as saying almost every blog that’s started these days, is started with the intentions of some kind of financial gain, which to those of us who’ve been in the game for many years, is completely transparent.

My only other answer to this could be that it’s the people who don’t put effort into their own blogs starting these rumours, and just because you’re not getting the traffic, doesn’t mean that others aren’t. Please don’t take this as me saying that if your stats are falling, that you’re not putting effort in, because that isn’t what I’m saying at all, however I do believe that you get out of things what you put into them.

Personally, I find blogs a go-to source of information on a daily basis, whether I’m looking for a product review, somewhere to eat or inspiration for interiors, you can always find the answer on a blog. I do think that blog commenting has suffered recently, I know my blog doesn’t get half as many comments as it used to, however, I get people chatting to me about my posts on Twitter & Instagram DM’s, and as this is a much faster, more instant way of contacting me, I do get it – Although I can’t help but miss the comments!

I’d love to hear what YOU, my blog readers think, preferably in the comments!

Do you follow me on Instagram too, or are you purely a blog reader?

As a reader of blogs, the majority of people I follow on Insta, I also read their blog… Sometimes I want a good sit down, a good binge read and that’s where I look to blogs over any other social media. I find it more of a luxury to read a blog, more relaxing and overall a more enjoyable experience. With Instagram, it’s a fast flash of info, if I only want to know where someone bought that top, that’s when I go to Instagram over their blog.

It genuinely makes me sad to be seeing more and more magazines closing down, with Look being the latest victim to the demise of print media, probably down to bloggers more than anything else if I’m honest. Which is even more sad because Look used to promote bloggers so much, and personally they helped me massively, it’s awful that it’s gone full circle and ended up finishing them off (amongst other factors I am sure). And I do guess that this could add fuel to the fire and the rumors that blogs will be next. When it comes to me though, I’m putting it out there, my blog isn’t going anywhere! It’s a huge part of my life, and hopefully will continue to be for a very long time.

To sum up, I don’t think anyone has to stop blogging, just because their stats aren’t the highest they’ve ever been, that really shouldn’t be what it’s all about anyway. Do it because you love it, that’s why we all started doing it in the first place, right?!

Home Sweet Home…Manchester

A few weeks ago, we went to Manchester for the day and from the moment we had decided to go I was straight on Instagram looking for places to visit for food… Tell me I’m not the only one who does this! Instagram is such a good tool for this kind of thing though an it didn’t take long before I discovered Home Sweet Home. I was instantly drawn in by their burgers, shakes and cakes, I showed the pictures to Robbie & Elodie and it soon became a bit of a no brainer that this would be where we’d be eating.

They have one HSH in the Northern Quarter, which is the one we went to, and another in the Great Northern Warehouse. We visited on a busy Saturday afternoon, on probably the hottest day of the year, greeted at the door by a really friendly waitress and were asked if we wanted to sit inside or out… Obviously I was hoping for lots of interior shots for this post, so we opted for inside.

The main, front area to the restaurant which houses the bar is vibrant, has an instantly electric vibe about it and is really welcoming, there are also a few smaller rooms behind, which is where we were taken as the main room was pretty full. Unfortunately, the most photogenic part of Home Sweet Home is the cool, bright and quirky front area, so sadly I missed out on snapping that for you, but I did take a couple of shots of the area we were in, a small room with no natural lighting (great for photos!) and a till point where staff seemed to enjoy congregating.
As the name of the place suggests, it does have a homely feel to it, it’s quite industrial and miss matched, with different styles of seating, a mixture of tables, brightly coloured wall art and retro lighting, I really liked the overall feel to the place, it feels trendy yet welcoming and family friendly, which is always a bonus in a big city.

We were given our menus, and had our drinks orders taken while we browsed what to have to eat. I was a little annoyed that we were given an adults menu for Elodie… I didn’t even realise there was a separate child’s menu, until a table was seated next to us and I noticed them reading out different options to their children. By this time we had already placed our food order, so it was a bit of a pain.

It took me quite a while to decide what to order from the Lunch menu… There were a lot of options which I loved the sound of, some from the ‘Brunchy’ section of the menu and some from the main. In the end, I was a little greedy, and due fancying something savoury, but really wanting to try the Oreo pancakes, I ended up ordering two courses!

I had been on a bit of a healthy eating kick before coming to HSH so I tried to be careful not to order too much. I chose to go with the Piggy Piggy Fries as a main (not healthy what so ever, but they sounded too delicious to leave!), and then I just had to try the the Oreo Pancakes for after. Robbie put me to shame by ordering the avocado on toast and Elodie just wanted some chips.

The food didn’t take long to arrive at all, and actually came before the drinks, which we had to wait a little longer for. Everything looked really great, and I loved how it was presented. My fries came in a basket, Elodie’s chips were in a cup and Robbie’s avocado was served on a retro style diner plate.

The Piggy Piggy Fries were really tasty, curly fries with wonderdust, bacon, bacon mayo and bacon rain – A strange yet intriguing description if ever I read one! Broken down, they were topped with a slightly spicy mayo and crunchy bacon bits, and despite them being incredibly naughty, I really enjoyed them.

On the menu the avo on toast was described as ripe avocados tumbled with house dressing, leaves, soft poached egg and smoked chilli on sourdough toast. Unfortunately Robbie really didn’t enjoy this, the avocado was very chunky and hard, the poached egg wasn’t runny and he said it was just very underwhelming and didn’t compare to the version we make at home, despite it looking really great on the plate.

When it came to the main event (obviously my pancake), it didn’t look how I expected. I had pictured a stack of pancakes, and it definitely looked more like a pizza! It was huge, but I wasn’t complaining, although I knew there was no chance I would be able to eat it all. It suddenly made sense why it was called the Oreo-M-F-G Pancake! I’m not going to lie, this tasted good, but it somehow managed to disappoint me. It wasn’t overly chocolatey as it was a plain pancake with Oreos crumbled into it, and even then, there didn’t seem to be many Oreos in it. The dreamcheese frosting on top was really tasty, but seemed like the only bit adding much sweetness to it and for £9.50 I was definitely expecting something more.

Elodie loved the little chocolate milkshake that she ordered, which came looking super cute with whipped cream and a cherry on top. I can’t remember exactly what I ordered to drink, it was something cherry from the soft drink menu… It looked equally as good as Elodie’s, but tasted very sickly sweet, it reminded me of the cherry Haribo sweets, so I left most of it.

All in all, we weren’t very impressed with Home Sweet Home. It was very overpriced, service wasn’t good and the food was a bag of mixed reviews that got more of an overall thumbs down then anything else.

Have you been before? I’d love to know your thoughts… And please let me know where we should go for food next time we’re in Manchester!